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Dark Angel, Chapter 4: My Sister Likes to Beat
Vivian’s POV
Practice? Practice what?
“What are we going to practice?” I asked, quietly. I looked around at everything in the room, “I don’t know how to fight or even hold a knife. There’s no point in me ‘practicing’ anything.”
“Look. Here is dangerous. You are going to have to learn.” She told me, walking over to a dummy. “Now, come over here.”
I sighed. Another thing I would be horrible at. Slowly, I walked over to my sister, hoping she wouldn’t flip me or something like that. She looked at me and then at the dummy “Punch it in the face.”
I looked at the dummy and did as I was told, punching it. Saga then said, looking at me “You need to build up some muscle.” Then she went and punched the thing, actually sending it’s head back a bit. “You gotta hit harder.”
I looked at my arms, which were twig thin. I didn’t have any muscle at all, which must’ve b
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Sims 4 Cas: Avery Garmadon by blastthehedgehog15 Sims 4 Cas: Avery Garmadon :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 2 8 Sims 4 Cas: Mianite by blastthehedgehog15 Sims 4 Cas: Mianite :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 0 0 Sims 4 Cas Lady Ianite by blastthehedgehog15 Sims 4 Cas Lady Ianite :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 2 0 Purple Rose by blastthehedgehog15 Purple Rose :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 1 0 Doodle~ by blastthehedgehog15 Doodle~ :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 0 0
Elemental Mysteries Chapter 6: Silent Treatment
Akuma's POV
I walked to the dojo and saw everyone in the courtyard, either training, meditating, or doing their own thing. When my paw stepped closer, all of their heads snapped in my direction. Some of them had questionable looks, while the others -meaning Crystal- just looked at me. I put Atlas down and morphed back into my normal form. "This is Atlas." I said, "He's injured." Crystal looked at Atlas and nodded, "I can see. You might want to get that wound bandaged before he bleeds out and dies, or gets an infection." She said that so calmly.
Atlas sat there, and didn't speak a word. He morphed into his human form. A small, 9 year old boy with black hair and dark dark dark blue eyes. The cut was worse when he was a half human half wolf. Doesn't surprise me. "Well hey there little guy," Cole said, walking over, "Boy, how old are you? 9? 10?" Atlas didn't say a word. Odd. He wouldn't shut up on the way here, now he's silent. "Does he speak?" Jay questioned, "Or did that wound screw wit
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Murphy by blastthehedgehog15 Murphy :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 3 6
Dark Angel, Chapter 3: Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?
Saga’s POV
I didn’t sleep at all that night, just sat there in my bed with my arms and wings wrapped around my baby sister. I had too many questions and worries swirling in my head. I had the door locked, so at least the worry of our wings being seen wasn’t one of them. At least right now.
It was early in the morning when I felt Viv stirring in my arms, like she was either dreaming or going to wake up soon. Probably the second option, she never slept in late. I’m still mad she went over the side being forced by those things up in The Light. She should’ve done it in her own time - her own decision. What she did was letting the others win. And you never let them win. I should know that. Everyone should know that. And now we’re down here, in this mess, in a place where the sky is full of black and red feathers and me with a sister who can’t defend herself. Fantastic.
After a few more minutes, I looked down at my sister and slowly her eyes began to
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Dark Angel, Chapter 2: The World Below
Vivian’s POV
“You’re so going to hit me now, aren’t you?” I said, taking a couple steps back away from her. Saga was pissed, I could tell. She could just outstretch her arm and smack me, clear across the face. She took a step closer to me, and I flinched, flying into  the air and across the pond and to the other side. I didn’t want to get beaten.
She flew after me “Get back here, Vivian!”
I took off into the woods, “You’re going to hurt me!” I flew as fast as I could.
“I’m not! But somebody else could!” She flew after me, she was much faster than me.
“Don’t lie to me!” I shouted, taking a sharp turn through the trees. I did that a few times. I didn’t want my sister to hit me. I really didn’t.
She kept following me “Vivian Hale! Get back here before you get killed! Do you remember who jumped off the side first and plummeted to here?!”
I kept flying as fast a
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Dark Angel, Chapter 1: What is a Death Angel?
Vivian’s POV
       It’s like I’m a flesh seeking wolf. That’s how they treat me. Like I come out at night and prowl for unsuspecting angels, and kill them on sight. Like I eat their insides and devour them whole. I have sharp, deadly teeth in their opinion. I’m a monster, I don’t belong, I’m evil, and the devil’s just waiting to appear from my soul.
       All I am is a 15 year old girl. I’m nothing more. Just because my wings are black, doesn’t mean that I’m evil.
       I have wings. We all have wings. I do, Saga does, we all do. Just because of our wing color we’re put into a specific category. Life Angel, Death Angel, or Demon Angel.
       Life Angels can be determined by their wing color and their personality. They have white wings  and they are courageous, yet scared quite easily. They are good at hiding it, however. Once a
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Arrow Head
Arrow Head
*Vincent Dringio, 29 year old woman, Captain of the Blue Glory
*Duncan Trills, 31 year old man, Captain of the Black Bounty
*Tannia (Tan-nia) Veliona, 28 year old woman, First Mate of the Blue Glory
*Blaze Ashgale, 28 year old man, First Mate of the Black Bounty
King Davidson Marrows, King of England
Princess Eliza Marrows, King Davidson’s daughter
Sir Jeffrey, Silver and Blue Knight
Sir Wilfric, Gold and Red Knight
Sir Joseph, Green and Red Knight
Woman 1
Woman 2
Stage Directions
Scene 1
    Story takes place in the early 1700’s. Scene on a large cliff over looking the coast of England from an island a few miles away. At sunset, from far away you can see a small figure sitting on the cliff side, looking over to the land just in the distance, where the figure had just been only hours before. The scent of the early fall air lingers as the scene becomes closer and closer to the figure. Once close enough, it’s seen that the figure is a gi
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Can I play with you? by blastthehedgehog15 Can I play with you? :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 3 5 Just a doodle by blastthehedgehog15 Just a doodle :iconblastthehedgehog15:blastthehedgehog15 4 1
Nix's Past Prt. 5
"N-No..." Nix mumbled, before shooting up and gasping for breath, "Get it away from me!" He screamed, frantically looking around. "He's awake!" A tall blonde women shouted, before rushing over to Nix's side. Nix glanced at the women, "Wh-Who are you? Where am I?" He looked around, noticing he was in a large white room with medical equipment all around. "My name is Alana, Nixon, and you're in a medical center." Three more people came into the room, two women dressed as nurses and the other being Karanobi.
"Nix, we were so worried. Are you alright? Does anything hurt?" Karanobi asked. Nix glanced around, "N-No... Wh-What happened..?" He looked up at Karanobi, whom was standing at his side. Karanobi sat on the edge of the bed and shooed the nurses away before saying, "Amorto, your father, blased you with an electric ray right here," He pointed at the boys chest and continued, "That knocked you out, and if Hero hadn't figured out how to escape his bounds and get you here, then you would've
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Nix's Past Prt. 4
Weeks later, Nix was still being trained under the eye of Hero. He was looked down upon by many because of his father,  but Nix was proving them wrong by the good in his heart and ignoring everything that they had told him. One day, Hero and Nix were out for a walk in Ultimo city, nothing seeming to be wrong in the world. The two walked into the nature reserve that the city had, and they walked down the spiraling dirt paths.
"You're doing great in your journey, Nixion," Hero began, "You're going to be an amazing Jedi one day." "Thanks, Hero," Nix responded, "I've been trying my hardest, I'm glad it's paying off." Hero smiled and was about to say something, when two robotic creatures popped out of the ground and grabbed his feet, pulling him under. "Hero!" Nix cried, grabbing his light saber from his side.
"Son," A voice said behind him. Nix jumped and turned around, seeing his father standing behind him. He stumbled away and looked up at him, his father smirking. "So this is where
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Rainbow Dash Pixel Art by catawump


DragonSpirit by JD2036 DragonSpirit :iconjd2036:JD2036 9 1 .:Commission:. Vincent by TadashiRaiden .:Commission:. Vincent :icontadashiraiden:TadashiRaiden 4 4
Semi-Important Announcement
You guys might want to read this.
I am currently making an almost full length PMV. (And by PMV I mean Picture Music Video) I will be devoting most of my time to it and will probably not be on much as being on a lot of things at once makes my old as dinosaur crap computer lag. 
I'm not going to spoil much about it however I will tell you it's about a certain red and grey robot with daddy issues. 
If you want to be spoiled feel free to note me whatever questions you have. I will be checking my messages every now and then.
:iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 1 0
Megacat Dump by pokemonlover417 Megacat Dump :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 4 2 Curly horns by JD2036 Curly horns :iconjd2036:JD2036 9 7 Doodle dragon  by JD2036 Doodle dragon :iconjd2036:JD2036 15 10 Pen dragon by JD2036 Pen dragon :iconjd2036:JD2036 2 0 Dragon  by JD2036 Dragon :iconjd2036:JD2036 3 0 Megacat Sketches by pokemonlover417 Megacat Sketches :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 1 0 MegaCats by pokemonlover417 MegaCats :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 4 3 Steven Universe Gem OC : Onyx by Clove774 Steven Universe Gem OC : Onyx :iconclove774:Clove774 1 2 Hunger Games Simulator by pokemonlover417 Hunger Games Simulator :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 1 0 Assist Crackship by pokemonlover417 Assist Crackship :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 6 2
Ranting and such
Okay before I start I'm going to say that I have no regrets on saying this.
Not at all.
Dear Object Fandom,
Although you all are complete immature children, some of you aren't.
Bashing on ships that people have made who thought they were cute. You will find gay ships everywhere, even in real life. So bashing on something on soooo stupid makes you immature. I mean I've been there and done that, I'm still pretty young and have lots of things to learn but if I have learn one thing it is not to bash on other people, sometimes you don't know what kind of stress they are going through.
When I joined this fandom there wasn't complete children here, there was teens and pre-teens who knew how to act and we would all talk and have fun! I was kind shy because I didn't really know how the fandom was, after awhile I met some pretty cool friends, so many nice people. I made fanfics for a living for this fandom because I knew that it was something I wanted to do with my time. I gave up so much of my
:icontadashiraiden:TadashiRaiden 5 2
Pittoo expressions by pokemonlover417 Pittoo expressions :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 4 2 Welcome to the Forces of Nature! by pokemonlover417 Welcome to the Forces of Nature! :iconpokemonlover417:pokemonlover417 6 3


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
My name is Colleen, so just ignore Blastthehedgehog15! :3
I'm a girl thats an age and lives in a place on this lovely land of Equestria/Ninjago/Narnia/SomePokemonUniverse/MagicLand/Earth
I'm into writing Orignial Stuff, and I'm into Sci-Fi, Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, and Fiction stuffies :3
I'm also obsessed with the cat face :3 MEOW :meow:
I have 3 rp characters that I use a lot :3 Avery Garmadon (Swan), Vein Drakon, and Sivea (Not sure of last name at the time XD). Vein and Sivea are vampires, while Avery is a vampires bride :3
"He's the reason I'm a monster. He's the reason I sneak around at the darkest times for blood. He's the reason I'm alone. He's the reason I don't smile." ~ Vein Drakon
"When you have a love like I do, you'd do anything to get them back. You'd even go mad and turn a boy into a vampire, just to see her. To get a glimpse. To just at least know she's alive, somewhere in this dark, terrible place we call home." ~ Sivea

My DA BestFriends: :iconellimcq: :iconilovegeckos: :iconpokemonlover417: :iconelectric-empire: :iconmikiawesome: :iconmercy-slater: :iconjd2036: :iconclove774: :iconbluestylz: / :iconunityofbrokenhills:

People I know in RL:
:iconmikiawesome: :iconclove774:
:iconmercy-slater: :iconjd2036:
:iconmikiawesome: is :iconpinkiepieplz:
:iconmercy-slater: is :iconnightmaremoonplz:
:iconblastthehedgehog15: is :icondashieplz:
:iconclove774: is :iconprincesslunaplz:


Enjoy my profile!

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